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First Cooking Experience.


I can remember the first time I cooked fried rice. I was less than 14 and the colour of the rice was as green as the colour green in the Nigerian flag. Am yet to know what possessed me to go and take that bold step. My parents were not at home to start with. Few of my siblings were at home. I decided to practice what I see my mum do. I took time to slice the carrot, green pepper, green pees etc. The hot dog and mushroom were indeed under my control. What took my time was the cabbage…slicing cabbage is not my thing at all lol. After preparing this food, half of the pot was filled with oil. I just opened the new turkey oil my mum bought. Everything was so perfect…the taste was something else. Ikechukwu my kid brother ran downstairs from the kitchen and said that he is hungry.
I poured the rice into the sieve to sieve the oil and the oil that I sieved out from the sieve was enough to cook 9 cups of rice. Enough to fry two dead chicken. Enough to make stew of two custard bucket of tomato. I carried the sieved rice and poured into another pot and allowed it to heat for a while so that it will look as if I cooked it with that other pot lol.
Mum horns! She is back from work and then I had to run. I have every reason to run.
She entered inside the kitchen and said “who is cooking?”. She opened the pot and said “this is Chuma’s handwork!. This boy has finished my spices. Just look at the colour of this rice. “. “Chukwuma!” she yelled. Rushing down to the kitchen, she looked at me and said “this rice is very tasty but the green pigment is too much and you have finished the oil I just bought yesterday “. I didn’t say anything neither did I want to give reasons for what I did.

I dished mine first to taste it and say to myself “well done” . The husband man must first be the partaker of the harvest. After eating it, I went upstairs. Every other person dished theirs and ate. My mum kept complaining about the oil and the green pigment for every spoon she ate. Everyone’s mouth was so oil as if they all applied lip gloss.

As for the oil, I don’t know what happened to it again lol



our neighbour “, we all hold our hands together in a long chain and call unto God so that he can answer us and show us great and mighty things we don’t know of. It gave him so much joy to be with his family.

He is always fond of pinching my mum in church whenever the pastors talk about members supporting the church building committee or any committee that needs fund. After much persuasion, my mum will then walk to the stage and say “on behalf of the family of (she will mention my dad’s name and end it with family), we contribute “so so so amount of money”. And the church will clap. Immediately, he begins to grin to hard. Mum will work back into the pew and she will say to him “are you now happy? ” and we all will just laugh. It gives him a greater joy whenever my mum shares bags of rice, onions, tin tomato, isi-okporoko(stock fish) and wrappers to the windows during our Aguwa’s family party every year. The tears of those widows thanking God for sending someone who has remembered them made his day. When Mum built a school for the village when she was still holding a political post sometime ago made my dad so happy. He spoke a lot about his wife and how wonderful she is. He always made room for her to dazzle. Always happy and wanted her to dazzle more and more.
The hardest thing I have ever done so far is to take a selfie with my dad. He does not just like pictures at all. He is not just photogenic at all. He stares at the camera and then laugh when you make him to and before you snap, he has removed his face. He never liked the idea of family picture until we persuaded him to. The stress of staring at the camera and the camera man saying “oga smile na. Hold your wife “lol is what he does not want.
In his 60’s, he loves his personal space a lot. Doesn’t talk often. The quiet and reserved one. The one whose prayer is short, simple and sincere. The richest of them all. Not just in cash but in love, care and wisdom. He has given us things money cannot buy. The funny one who can crack Igbo jokes that will make you laugh for hours. The one who said that he wants one of my children to look so much like him lol. My best friend of all times. Someone I can gist with for hours and no one will know what we have been talking about.
The worst thing that will ever happen to you is for your primary school teacher to report to your father when he comes to pick you from school that you fought with someone or did something silly. Right there, he will start flogging and slapping you even in front of the girl you have been eyeing for days. He never misses his target when flogging and he is always precise on using cane or belt unlike my mum that uses anything she sees on the floor like slippers, broom etc.
Though we don’t talk often on phone, we can talk for over an hour on phone where we discuss about so many things and then, he will go further by telling me his next moves and all.
I left home to do few things that didn’t require me using the car and that was during the time umuahia was doing their “iri-ji(new yam festival) ” and It’s always bloody. My dad insisted that he will follow me to the park if not, I won’t go home. I refused but he insisted. He trecked the long distance without panting and for every time I told him not to worry, he turned deff ears until we got to the pack. He waited for a cab to take me and made sure I entered inside the cab before he waved me good bye.
What manner of Man is this?


Every year (except this year), I do my vacation job in my mum’s travel agency. Every single week, young adults within the ages of 18-30 walk into the office to inquire about tickets and visas to Malaysia. Every week I must say.
And I keep asking myself “Why Malaysia?” The other week, one of them walked in to inquire about how much the tickets are. He falsified his age and identity on his international passport. He is 30 whereas he filled 24.

What is happening? What are people so crazy about Malaysia? Why would someone waste over 2Million Naira to go to Malaysia when he can use that money to start up a good business in Nigeria?

Why are people so much in a hurry to make money through illegal means? Must you sell drugs or do yahoo or even join a bad gang just to make it? Why prostitution?

How many people survive this? How many of them come back alive? How many make it over there?

Most Nigerians that have been caught with drugs have been killed. Others are imprisoned. Some people go as far as selling their fathers property just to get enough money and go to Malaysia. Then, they have to make enough money over there in order to replace that which was sold.

I heard that Malaysia is very good in academics most especially in courses like Medicine. But with the way things are, most parents are scared to send their children to Malaysia to go and study.

Some years back, an agent was in my mum’s office recommending for her good schools abroad and he mentioned Malaysia.

My mum said “God forbid! Even if the scholarship is free, none of my children will go there!” That’s the fear of sending your children to Malaysia. 

Daily, an average of 100 Nigerians move over to Malaysia to look for greener pastures. The question now is “how many of them have found this greener pasture?”

I just think everyone should have a rethink about this and advice someone who is about to go there or who is there.

Without mincing words, Nigeria is a blessed country with hard working people. There are so many opportunities in Nigeria.

Instead of spending millions to go to Malaysia, invest that money in a business. Start something. Be productive with your life.

Love Over Money

There is an impression most Nigerian artistes are trying to create on other young Nigerians, which is not just true at all.


Most Nigerian songs portray that money can buy love. They all think that what drives a girl crazy in love is a man’s money.
I totally don’t agree with that at all. Love is very precious. It has no cost price or price tag like so many shoes or jewelleries do have. Not everyone is drawn into Love because of money.

Any lady who falls for a man because of his money is cheap. She has a selling price. She can as well fall for anything materialistic.

Love is deep. You have to look out for something deep in the person you love. Money won’t make you happy. Not at all.

Truth is, some couples that are in the village house drinking garri and groundnut are happier than those who live in castles and eat rice and chicken. 

Afterall, when my mum met my dad, he did not have shishi. She still married him and over time, they have achieved a lot for themselves and their children. 

Why am I saying this? If money is the main reason you want to fall in love, think twice. You might just be making a mistake and heading to destruction. 

There is should be something deeper in a man/woman that makes you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. 

Look for things like his spiritual life and relationship with God, his dream and vision, how passionate is he/she about success, Does she/he have a dream?  How about his personality? And a lot more.

Ladies, if you fall for a man because of his money, he will use it to insult you. He will say “after all, you were all over me because of my money.”

However, marry a man who has a passion for success, a God fearing man and a man of purpose, he will never use a word like that on you; instead he will bless you and thank you for helping him to discover and achieve so many things. He will bless the day he set his eyes on you.

Look for something deeper in love!

Giving Love A Second Try

Once you have been bitten, you have no option than to be twice shy. In fact, you have to rethink your shyness over and over again. I vehemently agree with that quote a lot. It applies to everything. Once you have been hurt once, you will be extra careful the next time. Once you have been betrayed once, trust issues sets in. Because of the magnitude of the hurt, you make up your mind never to love again, never to trust again and never to be there for anyone. Confinement kills.
It does not heal. It hurts especially when you realise that you need people around you to fill up the void you feel within but you just don’t want to.
Pride won’t let you. 
No matter how many times you vow never to be a good person to people, never to love and care, never to trust, somehow, you find yourself back to that game again like a team that just lost a match but still wants to try again. 

Truth is;
If you find yourself loving and trusting after the hurt you have felt,then, the pain was indeed WORTH IT.

I repeat.

If after everything you have been through in the hands of people,you find yourself loving, caring and trusting, then the pain was indeed WORTH IT.
It’s worth it because despite every torn in your heart, you still have a little portion left to try again. A little potion to give love a second chance. It’s worth it because you have decided to love again despite the deep cut you felt within. 
Love has always given everyone the opportunity to love again even after the ugly past they experienced. Most times we appreciate the concept of Love after we tried again and again and we are always like “really? So Love could be like this? “. Your spirit begins to deteriorate when you stop loving i.e giving love and receiving love which is totally impossible. 

For someone reading this who has sworn never to love and trust again, just give it a second chance. It won’t hurt to try. I know how bad it feels and how deep the hurt might be but still, give it a second try. The fact that you have been betrayed does not stop good people from existing.

The next time you catch me saying stuffs like “I will never trust again! I will never live again! Am done with this love matter”, remind me that I said “if after every hurt and pain, you find yourself loving and trusting again, then, it’s WORTH IT”


Like I will always say
Most times, the road to success can be very lonely. That is when God takes hold of you and makes you a better person.
You can’t just bring some certain people to where God is taking you to. They don’t really understand the journey neither do they understand the purpose for the journey.

It costs a lot. So many friends have to leave. So many bad habits have to die off. So many attitudes have to stop.
Like Jon in the Bible who lost everything…every single thing. It’s not because he can’t keep them but because it was a Journey he was going through. And he came 10 times better than he was before.
In this journey, you don’t have the choice to keep or remove anyone or anything. The journey maker- God has such power and he keeps what you need and removes what you don’t need.
Why am I saying this?
Most of us just started a journey. Others are about to start while some have just gone half way of the journey.
No matter what it is going to cost you, don’t break down. Still press on and continue. It’s a journey where you discover the real you. This journey is here to make you strong and make you a  better person. There are so many things God wants to do in you and through you but he wants to yoke you through a journey first.
When you tell your story, you won’t look like what you’ve been through.
You just became better and before!
Hold on!



Most people think that parenting is all about raising a child, sending him to school, providing for him etc. Those things are all good but does it define the word “parenting”? Does it really explain what parenting is?
No matter how we try to run away from the truth. Parenting is a calling in as much as it’s spiritual. So when we talk about the word “supernatural parenting”, we are looking at parenting at a spiritual level.

The popular Proverbs22:6 is wherever I Base my writing on.
“Train up a child in the way he should go so that when he is old, he won’t depart from it”(KJV)

There is a way a child should go!

What way should a child go?

What way should my child go?

Most people end up making their children look like other people’s children instead of making their children to look like who God wants then to become.
Why is your child studying medicine? Is it because it’s what Mrs Kalu’s son is studying or because it’s what God wants your son to do and become? Most parents don’t seek to know what God requires from them as a child and what He requires from them as a parent.


And Pastor Jerry Eze did a great work in this book. He diluted every thing every parent is meant to know about supernatural Parenting. After reading the first two chapters of this book, I was already full. I had to read more and more. In this book, he spoke expressly about his mother and how she always prayed for him, encouraged him, supported him etc. Even when he was doing well, his mum still emphasised on the fact that his calling is to be a Pastor.
I recommend this book for every parent! I recommend this book for everyone. This is a book that will change your life forever! Believe me!

Back to work;
As a parent, do you pray? Do you build your child(ren ) spiritually? Growing up, my mum made Fast very compulsory on Saturday. Then, she started us from 6am-8am fast, she then extended it to 9am, 12pm, 3pm and 6pm. Now, everyone at home can fast. When pastor announces about 21days fast, we are all ready for it because my mum helped in the fortification of our inner man. Everyone at home is so good with fasting that even the maids that lived with us actually fast and pray the way we do.
Do you teach your children how to pray? Do you pray for them? Pastor Jerry shared a story with us in church someday about a child that confessed to him about how he initiated all his classmates except two. He got to find out that those two could not be initiated because their mum is always praying for them. 

When last did you pray with your children? 

Are you so busy with career that you don’t have time to start a morning devotion and a night devotion? 


When last did you anoint the head of your children? 

When last did you spend time with your children to talk with them, share thoughts with them, discuss, advice, listen etc? 


Are you aware that if you don’t raise up your children, another person(bad friend) or thing(bad attitude, character, addiction) will raise up your children.

Why am I saying this?
Parenting is very deep. It’s a calling. A deep calling by God.
When God calls you to be a parent by blessing you with a child or children, he expects you to be accountable to them! He expects you to raise them in the way they should go not the way Chika is going. God expects you to always pay for your children. He expects you to always be on your knees for your children. When danger is about to hit your child, God will reveal it to you first.
Parenting is deep. It is beyond getting your child an IPhone6 as a birthday present or buying a car for a child as a gift. All these matter but we should never prioritise them above what God has given to us. No matter what happens in this life, what God has placed in our hands(our children) should come first before any business or career.

Parenting Is A Calling…Have You Fulfilled It?